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Johnz Art

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Welcome to the developing website of John Green of Sussex 

The site was primarily raised to show and share my work with others.  I encourage and welcome constructive criticism and hope to learn by the same.

I enjoy photographing most subjects but have a great interest in flora and fauna.  I find people interesting and enjoy a successful capture of "special" moments. My propensity is to capture subjects in their own environment but, if required, can adjust to the moment in at hand.

I would like to show the skills of artists that I have come to know in the Art Arena over the years.

Whilst I no longer take on assignments I still enjoy restoring old photographs and Pet photography very much and would be happy to help and be helped by anyone with these.

I acknowledge that many people have diverse requests and can/do assure perspective clients complete discretion and privacy.

I would like encourage fellow artists and photographers  to become members of the site in order to share their work.

Thank you for Looking.........



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